To build a professional home monitoring system, all you need is a smart phone and an Android TV/Set-top Box with a USB Camera.

Step1: Download the AtHome Video Streamer for Android TV/Set-top Box from and install it onto on your Android TV or Set-top Box.

Step2: Launch the AtHome Video Streamer, click to generate a QR Code. When launching the AtHome Video Streamer for the first time, you will also be automatically given a unique Connection ID and a randomly generated username and password.

Step3: Download the AtHome Camera App from the Apple Store or from Google Play and install it onto on your smart phone.

Step4: Launch the AtHome Camera App, select "Add by QR Code" and scan the generated QR Code.

Then from the camera list, select the newly added CID. Now you are all set to watch your camera feed live from anywhere using your smart phone.